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In this section you will find the latest news from the Trust, such as recent grant awards, press releases and publications.  Please click on the links below, which are organised in date order.

February 2017


Grantee Reception Event 2017

November 2016


List of Grants Awarded in November 2016

November 2016


2016 Special Funding Initiative – Grant Awarded

June 2016


List of Grants Awarded in June 2016

February 2016


List of Grants Awarded in February 2016

January 2016                                                      


Trust Publications:  The Trust has published a review booklet detailing the last five years of its grant-making, together with a companion booklet providing a history of Sir Halley Stewart’s life and his founding of the Trust.  
If you would like to be sent a copy of either of these publications, please email the Trust’s Secretary at

October 2015


List of Grants Awarded in October 2015

June 2015


List of Grants Awarded in June 2015

April 2015


The Trust’s First Residential Grantee Event

February 2015


List of Grants Awarded in February 2015

October 2014


Exciting Grantee Development: Powerfree Education & Technology



Below are a number of links that you may find helpful if you are searching for funding – particularly if you are a student seeking support for your studies: