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A grant-giving charity that supports innovative and pioneering Social, Medical and Religious projects, to enable human flourishing and to prevent suffering.

The Trust funds a wide range of organisations to achieve this goal, with grants ranging from one to three years in duration and up to circa £60,000 per project.  The Trust is underpinned by Christian values, but welcomes applications from other faith and non-faith projects.

A Member of the Association of Charitable Foundations

Who we are

The Trust is a grant-giving foundation established by Sir Halley Stewart in 1924.  It is concerned with the development of people’s minds, bodies and spirits, and promotes a just environment and international good will through its grant-making.

The Trust is managed by a full-time Secretary, Trustees from the Stewart family and experts in the Trust’s special areas of interest.  Our Trustees meet three times a year to award grants to UK-based charitable organisations, for both national and international projects.

The Trust is currently recruiting for new Trustees – please click here for more information.



What we do

The Trust has a particular focus on supporting innovative research projects and new pioneering development projects, primarily through the provision of salary costs.

We fund Medical, Social and Religious projects, with Education being a theme that runs across all three grant-making areas.

Our grants budget for the financial year 2015-16 is £850,000 and we have two types of funding awards: Main Grants (up to £60,000, over one to three years) and a limited number of Small Grants (one-off grants up to £5,000).


How to apply

Click here for guidance on how to make an application.

Please note the next Trust Board meetings are to be held on:

24 February 2016:  Closed to new applications

22 June 2016:  Applications welcome (estimated closing date for applications: early March 2016)

Meetings are ‘closed’ to submissions at the discretion of the Trust, and without prior warning, when the number of shortlisted applications exceeds the funds available.