Medical Criteria

The Trust funds medical projects that meet the foundation’s fundamental aims.  They can be conducted within the UK or internationally, but please note that all grants must be administered through UK-based charitable organisations.

The Trust funds medical projects that are practical and capable of clinical application within five to ten years.  They may include a social or ethical element.

Projects may be of a type unlikely to receive support from Research Councils or large research-funding charities.  The Trust will be reluctant to fund areas which are heavily funded by other organisations.  The Trust will not award grants for work that involves animal experimentation.

The Trustees welcome applications directly from researchers at UK medical institutions or university departments concerned with:

  •  Improving the quality of life of older people suffering from physical or psychological disorders.
  •  The prevention of disease and disability in children.
  •  The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical infectious and parasitic diseases.
  •  Innovations, involving any discipline, which are likely to improve health care.
  •  Innovations in medicine for caring for the needs of disadvantaged groups

The proposal should be written so that non-medical trustees can understand and appreciate the value of the work.  

Projects must obtain Ethics Committee approval where needed in accordance with the Research Governance Framework for the NHS and Social Care, or equivalent local ethics approval for international projects.