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Religious Criteria

The Trust is committed to advancing Christian religion.  Trustees are particularly interested in innovative and practical ecumenical projects in the UK; and also those in countries outside the UK where there is a special and specific need.  In addition, the Trust also welcomes applications from other faith communities.

Trustees seek to support ground-breaking inspirational projects that will achieve demonstrable benefits, which will then be disseminated widely.

Current priorities are innovative projects that:

  • Encourage Christian people to uphold, engage and communicate their faith in the public domain.
  • Encourage dialogue between Christian faith and contemporary issues in a secular society.
  • Encourage closer working relationships between Christian denominations; and / or to improve inter-faith relationships by facilitating a better understanding between faiths. A particular area of interest is improving dialogue and mutual understanding between Christian and Muslim faiths.
  • Support and encourage the innovative education and communication of Christianity within the UK and also internationally.
  • Encourage specific groups of people to explore their experience of spirituality and their spiritual needs and strengths, and to help others to understand these.

The Trust prioritises projects that:

  • Break down religious and secular divides.
  • Are untested and have the potential to be ‘game-changers’.
  • Involve the vocational development of key people within relevant fields.