Eligibility & Guidelines

The Trust receives many more applications than it can fund each year.  Therefore, even if you meet all of our criteria, it is important to note there are no guarantees of receiving a grant.

If you would like to submit a grant application to the Trust, please read the What we do pages of this website very carefully and only apply if you are confident you meet all of the relevant criteria.

To be eligible to apply to the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, as a minimum you must:

1) Apply regarding a specific, innovative project for either a:

  • Main Grant (usually for salary costs up to circa £60,000, over a period of up to three years), or
  • Small Grant (for no more than £5,000 as a one-off grant).
  • Grants through “Partners for Health 2019” – application deadline 23rd May 2019 (grants between £3,000 to £10,000). Eligibility, guidelines and application questions can be found via this link

2) Apply via a UK charitable organisation

3) Meet the criteria for the theme (or themes) under which you are applying: Medical, Social, Religious (click relevant links for full details)

4) Meet the criteria listed on the What We Fund pages

5) Ensure you are not applying for items listed on the What We Don’t Fund pages

6) Be the Principle Investigator or Lead Person Responsible for the project’s delivery

A list of the upcoming Trust Board meetings and broad application timings are shown on the website’s homepage.  Please note the Trust does not have hard and fast deadlines for submissions of applications.  Meetings are ‘closed’ to submissions at the discretion of the Trust, and without prior warning, once the meeting capacity is reached.

We strongly encourage all prospective applicants to contact our Secretary via phone or email to explore the suitability of a project and the best time to apply, before starting an application.  The Trust’s contact details can be found here.

Applications should be prepared by those who will be directly involved in the project rather than dedicated fundraisers or development officers.