Application Process

The first step for potential applicants is to take a short quiz to make sure that you are eligible to apply.  If so, you will then proceed to the Trust’s online application form where you will be asked to register and set a password.

Each question marked by a * on the online form is mandatory and must be answered.  All other questions are optional.  Where appropriate, additional guidance (denoted by a ? symbol) is provided to assist applicants in writing their responses.  Each question has a limit on the number of characters you may use to answer it, but certain questions provide the option of uploading a document to provide additional information, should you wish to do so.  Before you start your application, you may wish to view a copy of the application form questions here.

Applicants are able to save answers in draft form and return to the application as often as required.  However, once you click ‘submit’ the form will be sent to the Trust and cannot be amended.  You will receive confirmation via email that your application has been safely received, and during the assessment process the Trust may be in touch to ask for further information.

Approximately one month prior to the relevant Trustee meeting, you will receive a final notification to inform you either that:

  • The proposal will be considered by the full Board of Trustees at its next meeting.
  • The proposal will not be given further consideration.

 If you have any difficulties with the online form, please do not hesitate to contact the Trust’s Secretary.

Please click here to go to the Eligibility Quiz and Online Application Form.